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Military Connected Families

Purple Star

Military Family

This frequent mobility often affects student's educational, social and emotional livelihood.  Strategies and opportunities are provided for success and create a positive school climate that addresses the social and emotional needs of the military connected students.



On behalf of John And Olive Hinojosa Elementary, we would like to welcome you to our Family!! It is our goal to make your transition to our district as smooth as possible. Our website provides valuable information to assist you in your move.  It is our goal to make sure every military connected student receives the quality education they deserve, wherever they are in the world.


Other Information Available

·      Distance Learning Opportunities

·      Coping with Deployment

·      Military Transitions

·      Military Parent Resources & Parent Involvement

·      Veterans/Disabled Veterans

·      Resources for Military Survivors

·      School Liaison Office

·      Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) for Active Duty Sponsors

·      Scholarships for Active Duty & Retired Military, Veterans Spouses & Children

·      Additional Resources